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Direct Cremation

£ 1395

No funeral service


Celebration of Life

£ 2825

Funeral Service Included


Traditional Funeral Plan

£ 3145

Funeral Service Included

Collection of deceased from hospital, hospice or mortuary
Delivery of the coffin to crematorium
Cremation fees
Organising the cremation at the crematorium
Preparation and care of deceased prior to cremation
Family support and guidance
Eco box or poly urn for ashes to be collected
Doctor's fees
Choice of crematorium to hold the service
Funeral service
Live Streaming of the service
£125 £125
Funeral procession including hearse and 4 bearers
per vehicle
per vehicle
Delivery of ashes
£100 £100 £100
Larger Coffin
Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need
Collection of deceased if not in hospital, hospice or mortuary
Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need
Crystal personalised urn
Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need Additional fee at time of need


Your Funeral, Your Way

Why choose a Crystal Cremation Funeral Plan ?

We have three funeral plans, offering you the opportunity to plan your funeral your way.

Your Funeral, Your Way

Times are changing, and so are people’s priorities, we have found at Crystal Cremations that our clients would like to put their affairs in order by choosing to plan ahead to protect themselves and their families. 

 Its ‘Your Funeral Your Way’. Our support team are always here to answer questions and guide you along the journey.

Our three funeral plans cover everything you need at a price to suit your budget.




Prepaid Funeral Plans That Your Family Can Trust 

One of our most popular plans is The Direct Cremation 

A Direct Cremation is ideal for those who don’t want the fuss and simply require a service that meets their needs. There's no hidden costs and no hidden extras. Say goodbye and celebrate your own way. 

How it works

A Direct Cremation allows you to say goodbye to a loved one in your own time, celebrating there life in your own way.

By purchasing a Direct Cremation Plan, the price you pay guarantees your funeral for the future, giving you and your family the peace of mind that your funeral is taken care of. 

The deceased is collected from anywhere in England, Scotland & Wales and taken to one of our reputable mortuary services where they will be respectfully cared for. 

An appropriate funeral vehicle will take the deceased to the crematorium where the cremation will take place, without mourners.

You can choose for the ashes to be returned so that you can decide how and when to say goodbye.


How much does a Direct Cremation cost?
Our Crystal Price Promise

A Direct Cremation is the most cost effective, economic, and environmentally friendly way of saying goodbye to your loved ones. The ‘Crystal Price Promise’  guarantees the price of your Direct Cremation until the time comes to say goodbye. We pride ourselves on our open and transparent services, we believe sets us apart from other providers. There may be additional fees at the time of death, for example if a larger coffin is required, or if the deceased passes away at home. Please do not worry, our team are here to help guide you and answer any questions you or your family may have. 

Our plans are presented in a 'Crystal Clear' way. Once purchased you will receive our welcome pack containing all the information you will need to pass onto your family, friends, or nominated representative. 

We Are Here To Support You

Our goal is to make the purchase of a Funeral Plan as Crystal Clear as possible. If you have any questions our experienced support team are here to answer them.


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Wholesale Funeral Cost Disclosure

Direct Cremation

Celebration of Life

Traditional Funeral Plan

The wholesale cost of this funeral is the cost we have agreed with your funeral service provider to carry out the purchased funeral. The difference between our funeral plan prices and wholesale costs are detailed below.

Price of Funeral Plan
£1395 £2825 £3145
Funeral Service Provider contracted price of carrying out the funeral (Wholesale Cost)
£750 £2050 £2250
Difference Between Price of Funeral Plan and Wholesale Cost
£645 £775 £895

The difference in price between what we pay your funeral service provider (the wholesale cost) and the price of our funeral plans is the result of marketing, operational/ business overheads and compliance costs, including the cost of managing the trust arrangement which ensures money paid towards pre-paid funeral plans is kept safe. As a commercial business, we also retain a percentage of profit with each plan sold.

Crystal Funeral Planning proud to support

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